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What type of bulbs does my projector headlights use?

- Most of the projector headlights use H1. If you are not sure, you can email us at info@specdtuning.com to verify.

What is the warranty on my products?

- Our products are backed by 90 day(s).

Behind the headlights there are two wires: Black and White, what are those for?

- Those two wires are for the HALO / LED: the black is for negative(grounding) and the white is for positive(power). You will need to splice the white wire into your driving lights.

Where can I adjust the light beam?

- On the back of the headlights, there will be 2 (+) screw where you can turn clock wise for adjust the beam up and down.

My can came with Xenon HID function, will your light fit?

- No it wont, our headlights are for Halogen models only.

My lights are not turning on, what should I do.

- First, see if your plugs for the headlights are plug in correctly and if there is power giving to the light. If problem still occurs, try to switch out the bulbs. If all steps are done, and still doesn't light up, please contact the company that you purchase the lights from.

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